Insurance Recovery

Bersinger Law provides expert counsel in claims presentation, litigation, and appellate matters.

We specialize in making sure insurance companies honor the contracts they make. Consumers expect that the insurance companies who provide their policies will show up when an event occurs, but that rarely happens. Instead, insurance companies play games and create entire strategies meant to delay payment of claims and, in some cases, deny claims altogether.

Bersinger Law represents policyholders, both businesses and individuals, to ensure that each policy holder collects the full benefit of the insurance contract they paid for. Bersinger Law is uniquely positioned to fight with insurance companies. Before representing policyholders, Austin Bersinger spent years at the largest law firm in the world representing insurance companies and counseling them through their most expensive and largest claims. Simply put, he knows how insurance companies work, and he knows the pressure points that will get his clients paid.

Insurance law is a complicated and ever-evolving field. Clients are not well served by a generalist—you need specialized expertise.

Insurance Claims After a Hurricane or Large Storm

We represent clients dealing with issues involving the following types of insurance policies:

  • commercial general liability insurance

  • umbrella insurance

  • excess insurance

  • professional liability insurance

  • directors and officers (D&O) insurance

  • errors and omissions (E&O) insurance

  • bad faith claims

  • homeowners insurance

  • life insurance

  • hurricane/windstorm insurance

  • builders’ risk insurance

  • commercial property insurance

  • boating insurance

Business Litigation

Bersinger Law learns your business and provides advice that is straight forward, results oriented, and tailored to your concerns.

We provide first-rate legal services with the personal attention, responsiveness, and flexibility of a small firm.  Sometimes, the key battle is avoiding litigation, and sometimes a business needs trusted advice more than a trial fight. Bersinger Law advises companies regularly on issues including risk management, corporate governance, corporation formation, and contract review. We represent businesses, owners, investors, officers, and directors in disputes involving:

  • Business Torts
  • Contract Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Officer and Director Litigation
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
Property Damage Attorney

We handle personal injury cases dealing with:

  • wrongful death

  • excessive force

  • premises liability

  • product liability

  • car and truck accidents

  • industrial accidents and disease

  • crime victims

  • medical malpractice

  • workplace injury

Personal Injury

Bersinger Law fights for personal injury victims and secures results.

Whether you were hurt as the result of an accident, error, negligence, or carelessness –– somebody or something caused your injury and you deserve to be compensated for your pain. Bersinger Law holds those who harmed you responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

Injured individuals are frequently at a disadvantage. Namely, they have been injured, and often times, the extent of their injuries make fighting for justice difficult or nearly impossible. It becomes easy to feel discouraged, marginalized, and like no one cares that you have been wronged.

Bersinger Law provides the representation and grit to bring your case to the courtroom and ensure your injury is acknowledged, your voice is heard, and you receive fair compensation.