Meet Nicola Rossi

Nicola loves new ideas, precise language, and challenging problems. That is why she left her prior firm to analyze insurance policies and recover claims for clients at Bersinger Law.

Nicola graduated second in her class from the University of Georgia School of Law. After law school, she spent three years honing her research and writing skills as a federal law clerk for The Honorable Clay D. Land in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia and The Honorable R. Lanier Anderson III in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Nicola uses the perspective she gained as a law clerk to help win cases for clients.

But Nicola is not just a nerdy former law clerk. After clerking, Nicola prosecuted felony criminal cases as an Assistant District Attorney at the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office and helped clients navigate delicate situations as a family law attorney. Nicola uses the skills she gained practicing criminal and family law to keep her insurance law practice people-focused.

When you meet Nicola, she will want to know the more about your case than anyone else involved. Don’t be offended if she asks a lot of questions and vigorously scribbles notes on a legal pad. The details in your case matter to Nicola. She wants to make sure she captures what your claim is really about. Nicola uses this in-depth understanding of your case to paint the right picture for the court.

When she isn’t racking her brain about an insurance policy, you will likely find Nicola traveling, watching a play at a local theatre, or taking a long walk outside. A former musical theatre major, Nicola loves the arts. Her last trip before COVID was to watch her younger sister perform as a professional dancer in Minnesota. Nicola looks forward to being able to safely travel and watch live performances again soon.

Five Things Nicola Can’t Live Without:
1. Family and Friends
2. Travel and New Adventures
3. Seltzer Water
4. Hot Tea
5. Comfortable, Appropriate Footwear