Insurance policies are many clients’ most valuable commercial contracts, and, in certain instances, the only source of money available for litigation fees and paying for a loss. These contracts, and insurance forms are very complex. While widely used in the insurance industry, few lawyers understand how courts interpret policy terms, how policy forms have evolved over time, and the effect of certain endorsements on coverage for a loss. and how they interrelate to other commercial contracts. Bersinger Law LLC can help.

Bersinger Law LLC’s practice is focused solely on the insurance industry. You can leverage our experience in insurance coverage to deliver the best results for your clients.

Contracts/Transactional Needs

Almost every business transaction includes review and consideration of insurance and risk management among the parties. Failure to fully evaluate the implications of indemnity provisions and applicable insurance contracts can open your client, and sometimes the lawyer, up to significant liability and exposure. Our insurance and risk management services include:

  • Audits of Insurance programs
  • Advisement on risk management tools and trends for your business
  • Review of past and current claims
  • Development of insurance portfolio bid specifications
  • Providing outsourced ongoing risk management services
  • Audits of contracts and ancillary documents with focus on compliance with contractual insurance coverage requirements
  • Evaluation of insurance broker performance and selection
  • Drafting other contractual risk transfer provisions, including indemnity/hold-harmless provisions Providing transaction- or operation-related coverage opinions

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Bersinger Law LLC provides:

  • Independent coverage counsel (a/k/a personal or Cumis counsel) when an insurer defends under a reservation of rights, when a lawsuit presents potential financial exposure in excess of insurance policy limits, or when another conflict of interest between the insured and the insurer arises.
  • Co-counsel in insurance coverage litigation actions
  • Litigation-related coverage opinions